Care and Maintenance

Here are some helpful tips to ensure the appearance of your carpet(s) after cleaning:

  1. Circulate the air: It is not necessary to turn the heat up high. A closed room with high heat would cause a “sauna effect”. If needed, “crack” a window slightly. Air temperature in the room should be between 70 – 72 degrees.
  2. Brown kraft paper: If you must walk on your freshly cleaned carpets, we have placed brown kraft paper in the traffic areas to prevent resoiling while drying. It is recommended that you pick up the brown kraft paper before going to bed, so that air can circulate and dry the carpet(s).
  3. Carpet protectors: If re-placing furniture on damp carpets, care should be taken to place plastic wrap or aluminum foil under all furniture legs, or staining may occur. We have placed carpet protectors under the furniture that we moved. These carpet protectors can be removed in two or three days.
  4. Children & pets: Do not allow children or pets to crawl around damp carpets for at least 4 to 5 hours — preferably 8 hours, or until carpets are thoroughly dry.
  5. Vacuuming: It is important to vacuum right after carpet is dry, and then vacuum on a regular schedule.
  6. Set up annual carpet cleaning: This will maintain your carpet warranties as required by all carpet manufacturers. Your service technician can help you with any questions or you can call our office at 394-3731.