About Us

  • 19491949

    Original location on Arch Street in downtown Lancaster

  • 1954

    Certified Carpet moves to its current location in the Wheatland Shopping Plaza

  • 19771977

    Tom Souders on a pile of wet rugs after Hurricane Agnes
  • 19751975

    1st Mat Truck nickname Bertha

  • 1975

    Did you ever hear of no power steering?
  • 1982

    One of Certified’s truck mounted carpet cleaning units – powered by propane

  • 1987

    Grand Opening of our new enlarged showroom on Columbia Avenue

  • 1987

    Originally named The Flooring Store but later changed back to Certified Carpet Abbey carpet and Floor

  • 1987

    Inside the flooring store more of an outlet than our current showroom

  • 1990

    2nd expansion to begin due to the growth of our mat division

  • 1997

    3rd expansion to include the current cleaning office

  • 1997

    Walt imprinting his Happy Feet in concrete

  • 1999

    1999 outside view after expansion of cleaning department

  • 1999

    New van logos the new look was incorporated on our entire fleet

  • 2001

    New rug machine being delivered

  • 2001

    New machine ready for operation – the only state of the art in plant rug cleaning facility in the area!

  • 2012

    Mark Legenstein, Walt Legenstein, Tony Legenstein & Joe Legenstein